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Beautiful Garden by Bird Feeders

Top Ten: Modern Bird Feeders and Houses
When bird feeders are first offered in your yard, it may take the birds a few weeks to discover and recognize them as a source of food. Bird feeders are containers resembling lanterns into which solicitous humans place seeds or other types of bird feed, to attract and feed the birds in the surrounding area.

Bird feeders are the the surest and fastest way to attract birds to your garden. Bird feeders are a must for home birdwatching, and many people have webcams trained on their feeders, where birds often congregate.

Bird feeders are an attractive inclusion to the gardens, courtyards and terraces and are easy to put up and easy to take care of.

Hanging bird feeders are usually hung in trees or below the eaves of a porch or patio.

Stationary bird feeders are available in two types:
1 those that can be attached to a tree
2 those that are perched on top of a pole.

Squirrels may visit the bird feeder and hoard all the seeds, not to mention, scare away all the birds, but very few bird feeders are truly squirrel proof. Platform bird feeders are for the birds that like to eat off the ground.

Window bird feeders are a great way to bring birds close to your house. Squirrel proof bird feeders are also a great way to protect your bird seed from being eaten by other animals, but if you like squirrels too, then this feeder is not a consideration for you.

Many times, bird feeders are only used during the winter since thats when their food source is the lowest. Although there are all styles and types of bird feeders, the most successful bird feeders are dependent upon the placement of the feeder and the type of food source on the wild bird feeder.

Pole Bird Feeders are great for encouraging lots of bird types to your garden, but having a Pole Bird Feeder is also a great way to discourage bird-eating cats from pouncing on your feathered guests.

Three basic types of bird feeders are available: hopper, tube and platform. While bird feeders are thought of as winter projects, urban and suburban areas can benefit from bird feeders year-round.

Stone bird feeders are generally available in marble, granite, sandstone and soapstone.

With a natural gift for life, bird feeders are uplifting, relaxing and entertaining. After your bird feeders are up, make a covered notebook and keep track of all the birds you see.

Tony Harries

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